ShaneRichard Roybal
Shane Richard Roybal

Shane Richard Roybal expands partnership with Superior Image Construction, forming Denver’s premier new design-build firm

Denver-based 54th Place Investments CEO Shane Richard Roybal joins forces with Superior Image Construction to offer unrivaled excellence in design-build services to the Denver-Metropolitan area

Regarded as one of the Midwest’s top modern home developers, 54th Place Investments expands the partnership with Superior Image Construction to form the bustling Colorado capital of Denver’s premier design-build firm. The 54th Place Investments and Superior Image Construction team, who have worked conjointly over the past four years, have announced the team to extend services to the greater Denver public, a fitting transition from the previous approach of primarily privately-funded semi-custom spec home development. Earlier this summer, in late July, the enterprise’s team made the news after achieving a record-breaking $2,000,000 sale price for a stunning custom new-build home in the popular neighborhood of Sloan’s Lake – just one of a number of recent successes for the company under founder and CEO Shane Richard Roybal.

Now considered the area’s premier new home developer, Shane Richard Roybal‘s 54th Place Investments’ projects are widely praised for their unique designs and exceptional quality standards, attracting everyone from investors and home-buyers to those clients with the vision of the perfect custom home, according to the company’s CEO.

Indeed, under Shane Richard Roybal, 54th Place Investments recently sold a stunning five-bedroom, seven-bathroom, 4,200-square-foot custom new-build home in the sought-after Denver neighborhood of Sloan’s Lake for $2,000,000. The July 27 sale, Roybal says, represents a record for the area, just 10 minutes from the 54th Place Investments CEO’s office in Wheat Ridge.

The sale comes as Shane Richard Roybal of 54th Place Investments partners with leading local building firm, Superior Image Construction, who for more than a decade, have built custom homes throughout Colorado. “Whether our clients have reimagined their perfect space and are seeking design-build services to bring that vision to life, or have plans to design their dream house, we consider ourselves a one-stop-shop for architecture, custom construction, and interior design services, ” says 54th Place Investments founder Shane Richard Roybal. “We specialize in designing homes that are uniquely-modern, purposeful, and inspiring.”

Together, Shane Richard Roybal of 54th Place Investments, and Superior Image Construction, promise a full-service stop for design and build services, according to the CEO. “We offer a broad depth of knowledge and expertise, specializing in the Denver Metropolitan Area’s luxury residential market,” he explains. “We design, build, buy, and fund both single-family and multi-family properties,” Roybal goes on, “producing exceptional and original projects while yielding incredible returns.”

Involved in real estate and construction since 2005, Shane Richard Roybal established 54th Place Investments in 2014. The firm’s CEO holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Colorado in Boulder. During his time at the public research university—the University of Colorado system’s flagship—Roybal also simultaneously led, as President, a pair of popular engineering societies at the institution.

“The real estate market in Denver is flourishing, with modern renovations and new-builds alike appearing all over the city,” suggests the expert. “My goal, and the goal of 54th Place Investments in partnership with Superior Image Construction,” adds Shane Richard Roybal “is to work with clients in any facet of design and build services, to realize their vision, whether that be designing their dream house or building a multi-family gem in a thriving Denver neighborhood. We provide our clients with a comprehensive project estimation as well as dedicated project management services to complete build projects on-budget, as we believe an impeccable level of service is equally important to our pursuance of beauty.”

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